At Executool, our in-house sales leaders, account managers and outside sales representatives are ready to handle all of your customer service needs. Just one phone call or email is all it takes to be assigned to a company representative who can promptly respond to your precision injection molding needs.

Our sales staff and account managers will take charge of your project from the very beginning—and they will stay on top of each job to ensure timeliness and monitor progress. They will work collaboratively with your project manager, buyer and/or engineers to guarantee that project development flows smoothly through Executool’s design, tooling, quality and molding departments.

Executool has gone to great lengths recently to provide our existing customers and potential new customers with the best flow of information available. We have redesigned our website and implemented a new file transfer system that will allow for a superior flow of information, quotes, and services. We have also upgraded our internet provider, email system, telephone provider, firewall, gateway, internal antivirus, and redundant server backups. All of this has been done to facilitate a smoother, faster, and safer service.

Executool’s innovative Sales-Account manager system is custom-designed to meet your individual needs.

Executool offers:
  • Supplier-managed inventories
  • Monthly and quarterly quality service reports for delivery times, quality ratings and production capabilities
  • Participation in cost-savings reduction teams to decrease costs, while maintaining quality parts.
  • A team approach to design changes and any quality issues that arise
  • Quick quote turnaround, with an interdisciplinary team approach
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